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Decorating Smaller Spaces With Area Rug

Dec 1, 2022 | Area Rug Cleaning

living room with small, grey area rug

Have you ever thought of decorating your smaller spaces with area rugs? Rugs can add a lot of artistic value and a colorful design to any room. They are also a much cheaper option than installing carpet. If you are wanting to add design and depth to your home but don’t want to break the bank, consider getting some rugs. They are also a great way to improve the health and air quality of your home!

What To Choose

When selecting a rug for your room or small space, consider choosing a color and design that will make the room appear bigger than it actually is. Additionally, make sure it is the right size and shape for the desired space. You want to expose part of your hardwood flooring or tile in order to make the room feel larger.

For smaller spaces, it is recommended to choose rugs with small prints or solid colors to help enhance the room’s space. Lastly, it is essential that your rug is functional for the space that you’re putting it. For example, the style of rug in an office compared to a playroom would often be different.


After you have a rug that is just right for you, you need to maintain it to reduce the wear and tear it will receive. A key to doing this is regular vacuuming. We recommend vacuuming about once a week to prevent dirt buildup in the carpet fibers. Choosing the right cleaning products for your rugs is also important, especially for rugs that require special care. Don’t forget to purchase a non-slip pad to put underneath your floors underneath and to reduce wear on the rug.

You might consider rotating your rug every 2-3 months to ensure that it is getting worn evenly on each side. Last but not least, every 12-18 months get your rugs professionally cleaned to keep them looking their best. Contact the experienced team at Delta Chem-Dry to treat your rugs with the proper care they need.

Rugs are known to be the perfect way to add warmth and flair to any room. Your rug can be your little piece of artwork on your floor. Getting the right rug can turn a small living space into a beautiful and cozy room in your home.

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