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It’s yard sale season. That means – if you’re on your A game – you can get some serious steals on old furniture.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” as they say. Maybe you’ll inherit a piece of furniture from family or a friend. Maybe you’ll find your dream arm chair in a consignment store. It could be the beginning of a whole new look for your home! (Maybe you should check out this guide on where to look for this kind of stuff).

There’s just one problem.

Where has that furniture been? How old is it exactly? How many owners have had it and not once cleaned it?


So the best idea you could have is to clean and disinfect this furniture before bringing it into your home.  Don’t bring unknown dirt, germs, and bacteria into where you live! Get rid of odd odors and make that piece of furniture really yours!

Okay, so first things first, you will want to be sure that your furniture is properly disinfected.  There are a number of ways to disinfect your furniture.  You can purchase sanitizing wipes, aerosol sprays, or create your own mixture of vinegar and warm water. OR to really make sure you do a great job of it, call in Delta Chem-Dry because we specialize in upholstery and leather furniture cleaning. We have science-backed methods to our madness! (And a professional strength sanitizer to eliminate bad bacteria.)

Disinfect first, then remove unwanted odors! These can be really overpowering smells or maybe the piece of furniture just smells like your grandma’s house (and you don’t want your house to smell like your grandma’s house, right?) Unfortunately for those that want to take the easy route, fabric fresheners and deodorizers won’t really get the job done. They can’t get rid of the moisture that was trapped in the fabric or the smell of pet odors.

Instead, you should try cleaning the fabric with warm water and vinegar or using baking soda. Plus – calling Delta Chem-Dry is ALWAYS a good idea for this kind of thing! We don’t just mask odors – we eliminate them for you.

If you follow these steps, you won’t think twice about curling up on your new furniture. You’ll be satisfied knowing that that chair or couch is really brand new to you.

Enjoy your clean and healthy (and stylish) lifestyle!