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What Really Causes Carpet Stains And Odors To Reappear

You just worked hard and spent a lot of money cleaning your carpet. It’s only been a matter of days and you already notice stains reappearing and familiar odors permeating from your floors.

There’s no doubt that this is extremely frustrating. Here’s the nitty gritty as to why carpet odors and stains can reappear even after professional cleaning, and how you can make sure to avoid this happening again in the future.

Sticky Residue Causes Rapid Re-Soiling

If a stain seem to return, it’s understandable to assume it’s an old stain that’s resurfaced. But the truth is, it’s likely not an old stain coming back, but a new stain that forms on sticky residue left behind from carpet cleaning soap.

Carpet cleaning machines you can rent yourself and professional steam cleaning machines all rely on soapy detergents to remove stains from your floors. The problem is, if too much soap is used or if it isn’t rinsed all the way (which happens a lot), an oily residue is left behind. This residue attracts dirt even more so than your carpets did prior to cleaning them. Yikes.

Solution: Chem-Dry has developed a better way to clean your carpet. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction method utilizes the power of carbonated bubbles to lift stains to the surface with an all natural solution and 80% less water than steam cleaners. No sticky residue will be deposited onto your carpet with Delta Chem-Dry of Los Angeles.

Excess Moisture Causes Carpet Wicking

Most often, stains don’t just stay on the surface of carpet. They typically seep deep into the carpet backing and sometimes even the carpet padding. Steam cleaners rely on too much moisture to remove stains, and lack powerful enough equipment to extract the water and soapy residue completely. This leaves the majority of the stain still stuck in your carpet backing.

Before long, your carpet will start to dry. The stain then travels or “wicks” up each strand of carpet—appearing repeatedly as time goes on.

This is all because too much water was used during cleaning and has been left behind in your carpet.

Solution: Carpet cleaning methods that require less water are always a better choice—like Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction method. With Chem-Dry, carbonating bubbles do the heavy lifting, not water and soapy detergent. Our process and green-certified solution are also safe for your children and pets.

Where Do Recurring Carpet Odors Come From?

The majority of carpet odors come from pets in the home. When animals urinate on carpet, the moisture seeps deep into the carpet, carpet backing, and carpet pad. When the moisture dries, it doesn’t take the smell with it. Instead, potent crystals are left behind that put off a powerful odor.

Regular carpet cleaning won’t remove these nasty pet odors. These odor-causing crystals must be removed with a specialized pet urine removal treatment.

Solution: Chem-Dry offers a patented Pet Urine Removal Treatment that chemically breaks down these odor-causing crystals and gets rid of pet odors for good. Not only that, but we also remove 99.9% of odors and 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine in carpets.

Say Goodbye to Carpet Odors and Stains

It’s time to kick carpet stains and odors to the curb for good. If you want not only a cleaner home, but a drier, healthier home as well, trust Delta Chem-Dry of Los Angeles.

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