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Professional area & oriental rug cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Professional Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a simple way to spruce up a room, they can also help out with the health of your home. However, these beautiful additions can gather a lot of dirt and grime from all the foot traffic they receive. Let Delta Chem-Dry bring the patterns and colors of your area rugs back to their original beauty. We Service LA, San Fernando Valley & Santa Monica.

What you’ll get with Chem-Dry:

  • A gentle, yet extremely effective cleaning – leaving your rugs looking as good as new
  • No left-over sticky dirt-attracting residue – so your rugs will stay cleaner longer
  • An application of Chem-Dry Protectant™- to help your rugs stand up better against the spills and mishaps of everyday life
area rug cleaning in los angeles

Trust the Certified Area Rug Experts

carpet rug institute logoIt is our guarantee that nobody will handle your rug that is not certified and trained in this field of expertise. You can trust that only the safest and most effective methods will be used to clean your valuable rug.

Allow the experts at Delta Chem-Dry in Los Angeles to care for your finest rugs and you will see your rug be transformed back to its original beauty with vibrant patterns and colors. It is our goal to help you have a clean and healthy home that you and your family can enjoy.


“Fabulous!! First off, the owner is on point – always accommodating, always polite and ready to work with any schedule. His crew of guys cleaning the carpets are the best. Thorough and so sweet. My carpets look ahhhmazing and the stains do not come back in a month. Thank you so much.”

– Tracey
Los Angeles

How to Prepare for a Chem-Dry Rug Cleaning

If you’re ready to get your rug cleaned but are unsure what you need to do to prepare for our visit, just follow these simple steps. This will help ensure our rug technicians can get your rugs as clean as possible in a short amount of time.

Step 1: Remove clutter

Our area rug cleaners will vacuum before the main cleaning process in order to remove dirt and small crumbs, but larger clutter like shoes, toys, and the like can get in the way. Not only that, these items can be a tripping hazard or get in the way of equipment. By removing these items from the area rug and the surrounding area before your rug cleaning appointment, you can help ensure that your rug is cleaned thoroughly, efficiently, and safely.

Step 2: Move light furniture

Many people place their area rugs underneath coffee tables and other small pieces of furniture.  While these focus pieces of furniture can do wonders to tie a room’s decor together, it can get in the way of cleaning your rug. Our technicians are experts at oriental rug cleaning, not licensed movers. Please help us out by setting lighter furniture pieces—such as coffee tables, plant stands, and floor lamps—to the side or in a nearby room. This way, we can clean your entire rug and not have to clean around your furniture. You can plan on moving your furniture back as soon as the rug is dry, which should be in a matter of hours. Furniture should not be placed on a wet rug. 

Step 3: Note stains and other focus areas

Sometimes, once you’ve noticed a stain or a flaw on your area rug, that can become all you see whenever you look at the rug. However, other people may not notice these spots immediately. We certainly want to make sure that you are completely satisfied once we have completed your area rug cleaning, so if there are any particular areas where you want extra care, take a note of them and share that with the rug cleaner when they first arrive. We do our best to locate stains and other spots as well, but it’s great to get feedback from the owner as well.

Step 4: Make preparations for your pets

We love animals, and our cleaning products are pet-friendly. However, pets can easily be scared by our techs and equipment. Pets can also get in the way of our cleaning. It’s best to keep pets out of the room that we are cleaning while we’re at your home. Having someone watch your animal, or keeping them in a different room or the backyard is a great idea. They can come back as soon as the rug is dry, as our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and safe around kids and animals.

Step 5: Clear a path

Technicians have equipment that they must be able to get into your home in order to clean. Remember that this equipment is bulky, and make sure that there is a suitable pathway the techs can take in order to clean your oriental rug safely and efficiently. Some technicians use equipment that is attached to the van, so it may be a good idea to move cars out of the way so that his van is as close to the entrance as possible. If you live in a walk-up apartment or have another unique situation, please let us know when you schedule and we’ll work something out so that we will able to get to your rugs to clean them.

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